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We keep our clients from drugs and alcohol. Period.

New York Sober Champion personnel are discreet, experienced treatment professionals.

Forget what you read in gossip columns and celebrity magazines.

A few bad-boy & bad-girl actors paraded by publicists & paparazzi do not tell the true story of our field.

Our New York services are geared toward two populations: adult professionals and adolescents (in treatment or post-treatment).


Sober Champion: The New York Story

Sober Champion is the groundbreaking treatment service provider to first identify and fill the need for a comprehensive suite of Sober Coaching, Sober Companion, and Sober Escort services in the Northeast.

We continue to be the first-call provider for upscale New York State residents. We have the most powerful and experienced treatment professionals waiting to provide the service you deserve to enhance your recovery.

Protect the investment you've made in yourself. Protect your recovery, or that of your family, loved ones and/or business associates. You can hire a Sober Companion today.

  • Have you been to treatment out-of-state (or are soon to complete treatment) and want help figuring out the next step? A New York Sober Coach may be the answer.
  • Are you wondering how to get that addict or alcoholic to and from a treatment facility with no zigging when they should be zagging?
  • Does your family understand your needs and frustrations? A New York Sober Coach can help.
  • A Sober Companion will help plan your movements to maximize exposure to healing and minimize exposure to risk.
  • A Sober Coach can accompany you to and from work, sober living house, residential treatment, doctor or attorney appointments, court dates, and any other place you need to go.
  • Do you have to stay off alcohol and drugs because of some legal or contractual restriction? Let a New York Sober Coach or a New York Sober Companion help you satisfy those terms.
  • Do you need safe, secure sober transportation for yourself or a family member or other party? Let a New York Sober Escort provide a drug-free and alochol-free way to get from A to B.

Sober Escort - Safe and Secure Client Transport