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Two types of clients hire a Sober Companion in New York:

I am seeking recovery through a major lifestyle change...

If you have been to treatment, detox, sober living, therapy, or engaged in any other method of getting abstinent, then you owe it to yourself to protect that investment. A Sober Companion can spend as much or as little time with you as you require.

There are skills you simply cannot learn in treatment:

~ How do you shop for groceries without buying a bottle of booze?
~ How do you attend a cross-town or cross-country business meeting - or any social function - without indulging in your drug of choice?
~ How do you get from work or school back home without stopping off for a little "relief"?

I don't want a "lifestyle change" - I just have to stay clean right now...

We do not judge your reasons for wanting to be abstinent.
Our only job is to help you succeed in staying drug-free as long as you want help.
We have the experience, and we do it discreetly, professionally, and with total individualization.

~ You must stay clean because of the judge, the doctor, the business partner, the family member, the trustee...
~ You must stay clean due to insurance or bonding company requirements...
~ You must stay clean to get that job, that promotion, that meeting, that driver's license...

Contact Sober Champion today.

  • In New York, a Sober Companion can maintain client supervision ranging from hours to months.
  • A New York Sober Coach can come to your home, your office, your studio or set.
  • We work with your existing treatment professionals in Manhattan or any borough to increase your opportunities for success.
  • A Sober Coach will advocate on his/her client's behalf whenever, wherever, and however necessary.
  • A Sober Companion helps plan your movements throughout New York and beyond - our goal is to help you maximize exposure to healing and minimize exposure to risk.
  • A Sober Companion can accompany you to and from work, sober living house, residential treatment, doctor or attorney appointments, court dates, and any other place you need to go. Anywhere in New York State and the Northeast, we have staff ready to serve.
  • A Sober Coach will identify relapse triggers, help you avoid them, and prepare healthy responses to unavoidable triggers.
  • Whether you require sober coaching, a full-time or part-time sober companion, or a Sober Escort (our sober client transportation service), Sober Champion has the personnel and nationwide experience to meet your needs.

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