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John Reidy

Queens, N. Y. native John Reidy has been in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction since 1982.  After spending much time homeless, jobless or incarcerated, he began attending AA and NA meetings in the New York City area. During the past 25 years, John has worked with and sponsored many men in the program. He is a member of the New York State Mentoring Program. He has been certified as a Trade Union Counselor for Substance Abuse by the NYC Labor Council AFL-CIO.  He is also an award winning writer, director and producer and has worked with many celebrities. He has also worked as a private investigator.

John’s dedication and determination have made it possible for him to help himself and countless others overcome personal obstacles and achieve long term sobriety and personal fulfillment.  Recently retired after 27 years of service for a local utility company, John continues to honor speaking commitments in detox programs, rehab centers, prisons and psychiatric facilities.

Martiza Exarchos

Martiza is an actress & model, originally from the hills of Northern California. Her introduction to drugs came in her early teens at a cast party after a successful theatrical run. Slowly but surely, the drugs took over and she dropped out of the theater. Shady parts of San Francisco became her familiar territory... She lost good friends, continually disappointed her family, and made her relationship to drugs more important than any other. A number of years ago, on assignment in Greece, Maritza hit her last bottom. She found recovery and has been an ardent supporter of other women - especially adolescents - ever since..

Maritza works with recovering women in the early stages, coaching them in relapse prevention and self-esteem building. From her early days as an outreach worker at the Berkeley Free Clinic's Needle Exchange program to her career as a Sober Companion, Martiza Exarchos is a gold mine to other young women seeking treatment and recovery from alcoholism and addiction.

Nancy Black

Nancy Black is a New Yorker through and through. Somehow, Nancy made it through the wild partying days of the 1980's and landed (gratefully) in recovery. She has been a Certified Alcoholism Counselor for over 10 years. Nancy has been successfully recovered for over 17 years - and she brings all her professional experience, strength and hope to the women she helps as a Sober Companion.

Nancy brings a wealth of passion and experience to her Sober Coaching assignments. She can put out any kind of fire and respond to any kind of emergency - a little-known fact about Nancy is that she is licensed by the State of New York as an Emergency Medical Technician as well as a firefighter. So if you need a Sober Companion to light a fire under your butt, you need look no further!

Robbin Sweeney

Robbin was raised in the outskirts of West Point where politics and the law where part of everyday life.  She aspired to become an attorney and achieved her law degree in 1987. Robbin has worked as a practicing attorney in private practice and for the government. By the age of 22, as a result of her disease of addiction, her dreams had faded.  After a near-fatal car crash severed part of her face, one life ended and a new life began. 

For the past 24-years Robbin has lived as an active 12-Step member of a recovery program.  Now residing in the suburbs of Manhattan, she has worked closely with recovering adolescents and adult women, supporting them in recovery and developing life skills. Currently, Robbin is nearing completion of her MS in Counseling. Her most prized accomplishment has been raising three academically strong and emotionally kind teenagers, while sober.  Robbin recognizes the importance of confidentiality for recovering people, especially lawyers, politicians and the elite. With support, guidance and companionship, we can live free of the obsession of addiction and pursue our dreams.

Leslie Pierson

New York native Leslie Pierson has spent years devoting herself to working with those who lacked hope to find new meaning in life. In addition to incredibly successful work reaching out to a wide variety of folks in need, Leslie has served (and continues to do so) as a highly regarded Westchester County Probation Officer. Her strong reputation with law enforcement and the New York State justice system have earned her high marks in her regular employment, and have provided her with the stern yet caring nature required to work with Sober Champion. with over 10 years in engaging social work, Leslie has had extensive success in helping people recovering from addiction.

As a parent of four, Leslie's warm, nurturing compassion and optimistic outlook has helped her to identify pathways to success for men and woman looking to break free from destructive cycles. We have found that Leslie works quite well with folks aged mid-teens to mid-30's.

Douglas Caine

A San Francisco native, musician, and recovering addict, Doug Caine has many years of experience as a person in recovery from drug addiction and as a treatment professional. His work with musicians, actors and executives has earned him an outstanding reputation in treatment. Doug journeyed from homelessness, addiction and incarceration to become a respected treatment professional. He began working in residential treatment in 2003, and founded Sober Champion in 2006.

After years of live music performance traveling all over the country, he went down the same path that brought many of us to our knees. Having served as the General Manager of the Professional Musicians Union in Los Angeles, Doug is no stranger to creative people and the executive board room. Doug has has worked regularly on both coasts, and now works primarily with high-profile clientele.

  1. There is a dearth of intensive, one-on-one aftercare for people leaving drug & alcohol treatment facilities. This lack leads to notorious percentages of relapse, regardless of the cost of treatment. Simply put, intense aftercare leads to more successful rates of recovery in every population - especially with adolescents and high-profile clients.

  2. There are plenty of folks labeled as addicts or alcoholics who might or might not be. The 12-Step rooms of recovery are packed with people holding signature cards from judges, districts attorney, treatment centers, therapists, family members, employer EAP programs... At Sober Champion, we care about only one thing: helping our clients make their lives manageable. That's why we simply don't care how you label yourself, and we don't care if your reasons for staying clean are, perhaps, "less than noble".

If you need to stay off booze or dope today, give us a call. No one out there is better equipped to fill your needs than our group of caring professionals. We've been there. We get it. Let us help.


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