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Why Didn't Rehab Work For Me?

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"Why didn't rehab work? I've been to plenty of rehab, plenty times... There must be something really wrong with me..."

Not necessarily. Residential addiction treatment (rehab) works well for a great number of addicts and alcoholics. But if treating addiction were an exact science, no one would go to rehab more than once.

Not every addict receives the same benefit from repeated residential treatment. Our company founder attended multiple treatment centers, inaptient and outpatient, before he found a way out of relapse.

Quite simply, some addicts do not function well in groups. For them, more trips to rehab almost always means more failure. It's neither the addict's fault nor the rehab's fault. In fact, there is no "fault" - it's just not a good environment for everybody.

This is something most people don't talk about but it's a fact: most of your interactions inside a residential treatment facility are with very sick people. Many seeking treatment have, at best, questionable reasons for doing so.

People with resources eventually realize that one more stint at rehab won't deliver what they want. These clients have great success with recovery the way we deliver it. are sick and tired of throwing money at one more facility find success with sober coaching from Sober Champion. We use a completely different approach toward treating your addition. Instead of treating groups of addicts, we treat only one at a time.

You pack up and head off to treatment for some healing. Who is your roommate? A sick, suffering addict. With whom do you eat meals? Sick, suffering addicts. In process groups, who is talking? Sick, suffering addicts. With whom do you hop in the van and attend meetings? On and on it goes.

A Sober Coach listens to you - not a whole group of you.

A Sober Companion will be with you in healing 24/7.

We don't operate from a place of sicness and suffering. Should we choose to work together, your Sober Champion provider is someone well grounded in his own recovery and well schooled in this treatment modality.

Contact us to find out if we are right for you, too.

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